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인기 June 17th, 2015.

Establishment of a corporation (Blue Signal Co., Ltd.) 

인기 in 2018

Participation in a pilot project for traffic congestion problems in Daejeon 
Establishment of Silicon Valley branch in the U.S 
SKT Prediction Algorithm & V2X Advanced Consulting&n…

인기 In 2017

INFINITILAB's Smart Mobility Program selects the world's top 7 startup companies 
Beijing "International Electric Functional Vehicle Competition" Special Award 

인기 in 2020

Selection of "AI Signal Optimization Pilot Project" by Dubai Road Traffic Bureau in the Middle East. 
Bid for "Demand Forecast Management System" for Dubai Taxi in the Middle East 

인기 in 2019

Jumpstarter Hong Kong Alibaba Smart City Global Top 1 
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Introduces 'Top 3 Future Innovate AI Technology' 
Middle East gDi agency contract 
Brazil Sma…

인기 in 2021

Establishment of an overseas subsidiary in Atlanta, GeorgiaSigned LOA with Zhiren Information Technology in China
Contract CVA with Corporate Venture Advisory GmgH in Germany
Participation in "T…
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